Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing Catch up ...Pictures from Saturday

I've gotten really behind posting pictures but there's a lull while we're waiting for the newsletter to get edited and printe out so here' a bit of what Saturday looked like.

It was a finishing set up/volunteer orientation day. The Bishop of New Hampshire stopped by to see the space and to pray over the volunteers gathered.

Here he is giving Katie Sherrod a couple of quotes for the newsletter.

Then we headed off to the "marketplace" (AKA "exhibit hall") to see how the set up was going with our "stall" (AKA "booth.")

Here's me 'n Colin having a little "photo op."

Meanwhile, John Clinton was getting the rest of the credentials sorted out. (No, he's not praying for mercy from the nice Lambeth Conference voluteer ... just filling out forms.)

On the way out we ran into our friend, Jenny TePaa, who is one of the Bible Study coordinators here.

And then it was "bishops swimming upstream" time, as the bishops came out from their morning session and headed off to lunch.

You can see why they call it "The Big Top" and the stewards ... in the orange vests ... were QUITE thorough in herding traffic and keeping sheep and goats (AKA the bishops and us) apart.

I was so very pleased to run into two of MY favorite bishops on the planet ... Mark Beckwith and Marc Andrus.

Then it was back to the Communication Centre where we met up with Ruth Gledhill who came to see a preview of "Voices of Witness: Africa" ... which she pronounced "an incredibly powerful and moving film" and publicized in her Lambeth Diary for July 20.
Ruth was no sooner on her way down the hill on her bike than Simon (Thinking Anglicans) Sarmiento arrived to give our team a briefing on "things British Media." (Thanks, Simon!)

Then the "all volunteer orientation" which began with Evening Prayer led by our Conference Chaplain, the Reverend (soon-to-be-Dr.) Caro Hall. A perfect end to a VERY busy day!

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Caminante said...

Thank you so much for day two's newsletter (as eagerly awaited as the Consultation's letters at General Convention). I am delighted to see an article by the Most Rev'd Martín Barahona, not only Bishop of El Salvador but also Primate of IARCA, the Anglican Church of the Region of Central America. He is a very strong supporter of the LGBT community.

And, as his Canon Missioner, I am pleased indirectly to have offered such a nice photograph of him taken in San Salvador 2004 by Herb Gunn.

Keep up the super work.

Lee Crawford
aka Caminante