Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Four: And off to Canterbury we go!

Yes, we brought too much luggage. But it's here now so there's nothing to be done for it but to schlepp it around!

Here we are ... or John Clinton is ... arriving at our Canterbury "home away from home" ...

The Ebury Hotel

So after lunch at the local pub (fish & chips, of course!) we started to get ready for the work ahead.

Katie Sherrod, our newsletter editor and head writer took some time to do some remedial reading: "Homosexuality (Perspectives from Uganda)" by Sylvia Tamale while Integrity volunteer Michael Bell looks on.

Meanwhile, Louise and Cynthia got us "provisioned." (We're in what they call "self catering cottages" so will be brewing our own tea and toasting our own crumpets.)

Then we all ventured out together to get our mobile phones "topped up" as they say over here. The photo above is of what we're calling "Sudden Onset Group Slowness Syndrome" ... when it inexplicably takes us a very long time to do a very small thing for no discernable reason.

Then it was up to the University of Kent ... the site of the Lambeth Conference ... where media and participants (AKA "bishops") were registering and getting their credentials. Here's Solange De Santis, the editor of Episcopal Life, interviewing +Pierre Whalon.

Here's Team Integrity getting their media credentials ... a somtimes laborious process that was mercifully short and organized ... giving us hopes of good things to come in the conference organizational department!

Finally, here's Katie Sherrod comparing notes with +Chilton Knudsen -- figuring out UK phone numbers is NOT the easiest thing in the world, but then it's probably tough for those who come our way across the pond, too!

.And now that we are officially "settled in" ... Let the Games Begin!


Anonymous said...

That's +Pierre Whalon, of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe, talking to Solange.

Jean-Marc said...

Exactly ! It's my bishop !(I'm French and belong to the American Cathedral in Paris). Don't forget to visit us next time you come in Paris. We have a LGBT group:

Caminante said...

So awesome! Thank you.

Jane R said...

I was just going to say, looks like +Pierre Whalon!