Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Two: +Gene Preaches @ Putney

On Sunday we headed over to St. Mary's, Putney, where the Bishop of New Hampshire was preaching at the 6:00 p.m. servcie and our friend, Giles Fraser, had invited us to come over and be part of the fun.

Louise caught up on the news on the train over to Putney ... the Sunday Telegraph was running the it's top 50 "Lambeth Power List" along with a profile of +Rowan Williams.

Off the train and over the bridge ... Putney Bridge ... you can see the top of St. Mary's steeple there at the end of the bridge.

The media trucks were already gathered outside historic St. Mary's, Putney ...

... and we hadn't been there but a few minutes when in biked Ruth Gledhill of London Times fame.

+Gene doing one of the (I think) 12 or 13 interviews he did that day before the service.

+Gene between interviews ... holding up pretty well, isn't he?

And here's me, having a little chat with Ruth ...

Louise took this while I was boning up on the reading I was doing from Jeremiah in the service ... that's BBC's Robert Piggott, Episcopal Cafe's Jim Naughton and Giles Fraser, the fabulous Vicar of Putney.

"Please can I wear it? Please? Please?"
(I'm not sure if that's what Marilyn McCord Adams was asking Giles in this picture, but it could have been! And no, in the end she did not wear her fetching biretta ... but she did wear her pink stole with butterflies!)
+Gene, of course, preached a fabulous sermon. You can hear it online here and read his own reflections on the day here ...
And at the end of the day, it was just me and the Bobbies ...

... an excellent end to a MOST excellent day!


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