Friday, August 8, 2008

Closing Scenes from "Behind the Scenes" at Lambeth

So here are some looks "behind the scenes" at the just-concluded Lambeth Conference:

Here's Mark, our fabulous volunteer Communication Centre Chef preparing to whip up another culinary delight to keep the "Gay Lobby" moving gaily forward on full tummies. Bravo, Mark!

Meanwhile, Cynthia kept her nose-to-the-video-editing grindstone, turning out videos for "The Gene Pool."

And how English is THIS???? The ever erudite, Colin Coward (of Changing Attitude fame) working away without missing even a sip of his cuppa -- I say, Cherrio!

Speaking of "things British" ... nothing would do that, before we left, we didn't all have the chance to experience the joys of "Pimms."

"Pimms, anyone???"
As you can see by the smiles on the faces of our Chicago Consultation colleagues ...
... and Katie and Cynthia (here with Carol Cole Flanagan) a VERY good time was had by all.

But then it was back to work for the last hectic days of the Lambeth Conference.

Here's our Communication Centre hard at work cranking out The Lambeth Witness and keeping up with what was "going down" up on the campus.

Speaking of "up on campus" here's me with Simon Sarmiento of Thinking Anglicans fame ... AKA numbers 34 and 46!

And here's me with three-our-of-four of my Los Angeles bishops ... +Sergio missed the photo-op ... and boy-howdy can I just say how GLAD I am for each and every one of them!

Then it was back to the Communication Centre -- a shadow of its former self in final clean-up mode ... and me tied to my computer trying to get a reflection posted on deadline ... I think this one was "The Wheels on the Bus ..."

Finally, as the bishops turned their back on Lambeth Conference and prepared to head home, so did we ...

... after an awards dinner for our Integrity Team which included (more) Pimms and even some Limericks. (Don't ask ...)

And then it was time to pack up and head off to Heathrow ...

... bidding a fond-farewell to Canterbury in general and The Ebury Hotel in specific.

Lambeth 2008 is in the books ... on to the next event!

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